“As I write these lines on a late autumn afternoon, the whistle blows and classes are over. The air is filled with the noise of many moving feet. … Next year, and the year after, and for the years to come, the places of these students will be taken by others, who in action, if not in dress, will not differ greatly from those of the present.

“We who teach will also be replaced by our successors, but Mount Oread and the University will steadfastly remain, a loft and sturdy beacon in an ever changing world.”

— Professor Robert Taft, in Across the Years on Mount Oread,
written for the 75th anniversary of the University of Kansas in 1941

As we celebrate 150 years, we observe that much of Taft’s vision proved true, and will remain true as generations of Jayhawks continue to find their stories within our mission – to educate leaders, build healthy communities, and make discoveries that change the world.

Though our world is ever-changing — and, in fact, we are leaders in change — one thing remains. Constant. Unchanging. Steadfast. The Jayhawk spirit.

150 years new.