Primary Palette

The official University of Kansas blue is referred to as KU Blue PANTONE (PMS) 293. The gray used in the logotype is PANTONE (PMS) 430. You may substitute a 45% black screen for PMS 430 Signature Gray. Whenever possible, print PMS 293 as a spot or fifth color to ensure color accuracy.

The colors shown in this guide are for color reference only. Match to PANTONE®​ color standards for accuracy. PANTONE® is the property of Pantone Inc.



KU Blue

PMS 293

100c 55m 0y 5k



KU Crimson

PMS 186

0c 100m 80y 5k



Jayhawk Yellow

PMS 116

0c 15m 100y 0k



Signature Gray

PMS 430

5c 0m 0y 45k